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A short update on Mrs Carol Hill v Essex County Council

Some of you may remember my recent blog post on the case of Ms Carol Hill, the school “dinner lady” who had been sacked in September 2009 from Great Tey Primary School, Essex for the offence of “going to the press” and/or bringing the school into disrepute, after Ms Hill had found a seven year old pupil tied to a fence and being whipped with a skiing rope by another pupil in the Primary School playground. 

The Employment Tribunal Remedy hearing was held today and reports have started to surface online in both the Gazette and on BBC News as to Ms Hill’s failure to obtain any compensation.  The Press Association have reported that at today’s Remedy hearing, “members ruled that she would have been sacked, in any event, if correct procedures had been followed and she was therefore entitled to no compensation”.  It appears clear that the Council were therefore successful in arguing that Ms Hill’s compensation should be reduced to nil under the Polkey principles.     

It also appears from the Press Association’s article that Ms Hill had pursued an application for reinstatement, had abandoned this claim and had decided not to attend the Remedy hearing.

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